The history of GIAS has been started in the 30s; when Brahim Slama launched a first unit for extracting olive oil and making soap for households. Driven by Brahim´s passion, the coming generations have succeeded to cultivate rich flavors with irreproachable qualities. GIAS, 'Générale Industrielle Alimentaire Slama' have been created from this tradition in 1983 and whose activity is focusing on manufacturing butter and margarine. Gradually, other brands for pastry and bakery products have launched on the market such as Feuille d'or, la délicieuse or Vanoise.
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Our values
A key value of our culture, that we deploy with our customers and partners to act with each individual, a pledge of sincerity on the part of CSM GIAS.
Because we believe in the team spirit first and foremost, we work together to succeed and all bear the responsibility for the failure of one of ours.
Because what we do affects many stakeholders, which is why we value the human in all its aspects and bring our expertise to all possible fields.
It is above all an art but it is still necessary to know how to control it, at CSM GIAS, our know-how is known and has conquered thousands of people around the world, we do not content ourselves with some praise to our glance, but a permanent search for perfection
A vital value to build and maintain trust and good relationships and to feel responsible in all circumstances.
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Our objective
The objective of CSM GIAS is to lead the market where it operates and to serve its customers by offering products that best suit their expectations and providing a high quality service.
Our mission
Convinced of our responsibility towards our clients, CSM GIAS works daily to ensure the success of our customers by providing the best products, the most advanced technologies and a quality service, while respecting our values.
Our vision
We want to give our customers access to the world of pastry - bakery.