2021-07-07 10:51:16
Pistachio tart

Pistachio tart


Crunchy white chocolate

Creamy milky chocolate

Pistachio dacquoise

Creamy white chocolate pistachio

Neutral mirror glaze

Crisp pistachio

Milk chocolate decor


500g flour

200g Vanoise icing sugar

70g white almond powder

2g salt

300g delicious

100g eggs

Mix all the powders with the delicious cubed until you get a sandblast.

Add the eggs at the end to bind the powders and let rest in the refrigerator.

Cooking 25 min 160 ° c.

Crunchy white chocolate

100g crunchy white chocolate Marguerite

10g roasted pistachio

Heat to give the ideal texture

Creamy milky chocolate

75g Vanoise whipping cream

50g milk

30g egg yolk

7.5g Vanoise glucose

25g pistachio paste

100g Vanoise milk chocolate couverture

15g gelatin mass

Make an English at 85 ° c. Pour over the chocolate, pistachio paste and gelatin mass. Mix everything.

Pistachio dacquoise

375g egg white

125g caster sugar

250g pistachio powder + red almond powder

250g Vanoise icing sugar

Whisk the egg whites with the sugar then gently add the icing sugar and powdered pistachio mixture. Arrange the dacquoise on a silpat sheet. Cooking 180 ° c 25 min

Thin tempered white chocolate disc

Creamy white chocolate pistachio

150g Vanoise whipping cream

100g milk

60g egg yolk

15g Vanoise glucose

50g pistachio paste

250g Vanoise white couverture chocolate

20g gelatin mass

Vanoise neutral mirror glaze

Heat the product to 65 ° c then add 1/3 the amount and mix up to 45 °. Apply directly to the cake.

Crisp pistachio

60g crushed pistachio

60g Desicroq Marguerite

Mix all the ingredients and spread out in the stainless steel circles. Cooking 180 ° c 10 min

Milk chocolate decor